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The monthly Repair Guys article provides practical tips and step by step repair instructions into the inner working of modern backflow prevention devices.

 Repair Guys Articles

2001-01 Strainers.pdf2001-01 Strainers
2001-06 Troubleshooting.pdf2001-06 Troubleshooting
2001-07 Troubleshooting-Pt2.pdf2001-07 Troubleshooting-Pt2
2002-06 Worn_check_discs.pdf2002-06 Worn_check_discs
2003-10 Head_Loss.pdf2003-10 Head_Loss
2005-07 Valves_aid_diagnosis.pdf2005-07 Valves_aid_diagnosis
2006-09 Plugged_Test_Cocks.pdf2006-09 Plugged_Test_Cocks
2007-04 Gate_Repair.pdf2007-04 Gate_Repair
2008-09 Leaking Shut Off.pdf2008-09 Leaking Shut Off
2008-11 Diaphragms and Check Modules.pdf2008-11 Diaphragms and Check Modules