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Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards Magazine 
DW&BP Magazine 


BPPS Magazine is a monthly resource for the plumbing and water supply industries. Virtually every aspect of protecting the public water supply is offered to readers of BPPS. Readers will discover that our topics include:

  1. Reports of backflow incidents resulting from cross-connections.
  2. Important changes to plumbing codes and drinking water regulations.
  3. Product improvements through performance standards.
  4. Legal and insurance issues addressed in depth.
  5. A schedule of important industry events, such as conferences, seminars, and training.
  6. How to establish and maintain cross-connection control programs.        
    .... and everything else of concern to those interested in safe drinking water.

Key Benefits to those who subscribe

  • Readers are provided up-to-date backflow prevention / cross-connection control information.
  • Information is presented in an easy to read and understand format.



Contact the Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards Magazine

Cindy Most, Editor

Telephone: 540-858-2686       
Fax:          540-858-3018

Kimberly Curtis, Administrative

Telephone: 855-536-2800
Fax:          909-354-3647